About The Consortium

The Consortium is an umbrella organization founded in 2003 in Prague. At present, it unites 16 non-governmental organizations, which either directly assist migrants or contribute to the integration of foreigners in other ways. Some of our members have been providing legal and social counseling to foreigners for more than two decades, some organize educational and entertaining events that bring together Czechs and foreigners, others are newcomers to the field and explore innovative new approaches.

We facilitate cooperation between our member organizations, and do our best to empower the individuals engaged in migration and integration. We advocate on behalf of our member organizations for the improvement of conditions for foreigners in this country, and we are determined to make diversity work and benefit our society.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We strive to improve the dialogue between various actors with different approaches to migration. We envision a confident Czech society, ready to integrate migrants in a mutually enriching way without threat to Czech values and citizens. This country has positive experiences for the past quarter century with the integration of migrants as well as strong democratic values that we can build on in the future.

  Some of the topics we focus on

A meeting point - a place for dialogue

Our mission is to provide a place for an exchange of ideas and dialogue both internally - for our member organizations - and externally - relaying the issues important to our members to other stakeholders nationally and internationally.

The Consortium coordinates five working groups for our members to share know-how, define common goals, and look for common solutions. To the staff of our members, we offer professional training and topical seminars, as well as numerious opportunities to promote their work.

We also aim to be a reliable partner for politicians, public officials, educational institutions, academics as well as international NGOs, speaking in one voice (though providing diverse perspectives) that represents our members. We organize debates with stakeholders, workshops for the state administration, municipalities and regional authorities. We also publish commentaries and analyses on pressing migration-related issues.