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Why support the Consortium?

We seek systemic changes

While our member organizations provide direct aid to migrants, we utilize their know-how and experience to seek changes in legislature and practice of relevant authorities. By working with decision makers, civil servants and the media we want to improve the conditions for foreigners living in this country, including visa and permit procedures, rights of foreign workers, social securities for long-term residents, etc.

We want to improve public opinion on migration

Through our public events, publications, social media accounts and communication with the media we participate in the public discussion on migration in this country. We promote a fact-based open dialogue, provide the public and media with essential news and insights from the field that are not readily available, all in order to change and improve the public opinion on migration, which has declined dramatically in the past couple of years.

Grants provide no long-term support

There is little stable financial support for NGOs like ours from public or European institutions in the Czech Republic. Resources being distributed to non-profits have recently come under threat, due to political tensions. In order to achieve lasting changes and continue our work without intermissions, we need consistent financial support for salaries and other expenses that are less likely to be covered by grants like rent, media relations, special publications.

We are unique

The Consortium is the only association of migration-focused NGOs in the Czech Republic, and one of very few such institutions in Europe.

How to make a financial gift

Make a direct online payment

Through with your card, bank transfer or through PayU.

Make a bank transfer to our organization’s account:

From a Czech bank: Acct. no. 2200642074/2010, please use the variable symbol 444

From a foreign bank (please be aware that you may inccur fees for international bank transfers, depending on your bank’s policies)

IBAN: CZ12 2010 0000 0022 0064 2074

BIC(SWIFT) code of Fio Bank: FIOBCZPP

Help us in other ways

Become an intern

We are happy to provide unpaid internship positions to non-Czech-speakers, during which you would do independent research on migration affairs around the world and support the work of our policy officer. We are unable, however, to pay for either accommodation, travel or any other costs for participants. You can read about our former international interns here.

If you are interested to be an inter, please send write to us with your CV,

Pro bono consultations

If you think that the particular skills and work experience you have may be helpful in our work, we would be glad to hear form you. We would especially appreciate cooperation on PR, social media, marketing and fundraising.
Please contact us at


Come to our events

Some of our public events have simultaneous translation into English.