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Our society needs constructive dialogue more than ever on issues of attitudes to migrants. Our vision is of a united society, ready to integrate incoming foreigners in a culturally enriching way, without anyone feeling threatened by the loss of their own values and cultural identity.

Why are individual donors essential to our work?

Because the work of NGOs often substitutes the role of state and public administration, and yet, NGOs lack a stable and predictable system of funding. Complete dependence on project and grant funding  makes it very difficult to respond to new challenges or to make plans for the future.

The position of umbrella organizations like ours is even more complicated: most foundations and donors tend to support direct work with clients, while we play more of a coordinating and mediating role.

We cannot guarantee that your donation will help improve a specific human fate. However, we do offer that your contribution will make our work more professional and efficient. This will in turn help migrants learn Czech language, study, find jobs, or volunteer in social services etc.

How to make a financial gift

Make a bank transfer

Make a bank transfer to our organization's account:

From a Czech bank: Acct. no. 2200642074/2010, please use the variable symbol 444

From a foreign bank (please be aware that you may inccur fees for international bank transfers, depending on your bank’s policies)

IBAN: CZ12 2010 0000 0022 0064 2074

BIC(SWIFT) code of Fio Bank: FIOBCZPP


Thanks to this portal, you can support the Consortium's work while paying for your online purchases, without spending any extra money. All you need to do is to access online shops via this link. In this way, the Consortium receives approximately 1-4% of the purchase price (the exact share is indicated for each e-shop specifically).

If you wish to be reminded about the possibility to donate, install a browser extension that will remind you of Givt every time you start shopping.

Help us in other ways

Become an intern

We are happy to provide unpaid internship positions to non-Czech-speakers, during which you would do independent research on migration affairs around the world and support the work of our policy officer. We are unable, however, to pay for either accommodation, travel or any other costs for participants. You can read about our former international interns here.

If you are interested to be an inter, please send write to us with your CV,

Pro bono consultations

If you think that the particular skills and work experience you have may be helpful in our work, we would be glad to hear form you. We would especially appreciate cooperation on PR, social media, marketing and fundraising.
Please contact us at


Come to our events

Some of our public events have simultaneous translation into English.